Aron Nelson Lava Rim 2 3/1/101 8:35 am
An old favorite revisited. This is a very good, simple Fuzz Face/Bosstone/Overdrive variant that works well with cheap 2N3904 or practically any cheap silicon (Si) transistors. If you like, you can use germanium transistors (NPN) or mix the 2. I think this pedal sounds really good, is easy to make and uses cheap, easy -to-find parts. My MP3 samples show how versatile this circuit is and how good it sounds.

Aron Nelson Insanity Pedal 3/1/101 8:54 am
The configuration: Yamaha Pacifica->Insanity Box->Line 6 POD (Fender Black Face setting)->G3. The Insanity Box combines the best elements of diodes to ground, CMOS, and FET clipping in one box. The gain/distortion is enormous and so is the sustain.
Unfortunately this is a very difficult build. :-(

Aron Nelson Bobtavia 3/2/101 7:28 pm
Bob Starr Octavia - AKA Bobtavia

Pacifica->distortion pedal->Bobtavia

Short and long samples

Aron Nelson Booster+ 3/2/101 7:37 pm
Old, sample of 2 Mini-Booster circuit. This is before the Booster 2.5 mods which fix the bass and other drive characteristics.

Aron Nelson MS-1 Prototype 3/2/101 7:43 pm
Experimental never released Jack Orman pedal.

Combines attributes of several popular pedals in one design.

Aron Nelson Colorsound Overdriver 3/2/101 7:45 pm
hmmm.... now that I hear it again, Si distortion! :-)

Aron Nelson Mini-Boogee 3/2/101 7:46 pm
The famous Mini-Boogee 2 tube overdrive.