Aron Nelson Fat Gnat 2/28/101 10:53 pm
Jack Orman's Fat Gnat - direct and through amp.

Aron Nelson Differential Distortion 3/1/101 7:29 am
Charvel->Differential distortion->JD-10.

Aron Nelson Son of Screamer 3/1/101 7:31 am
Jack Orman's Son of Screamer.

Charvel->SOS->Morley JD-10

Aron Nelson Tonebender Professional Mark II 3/1/101 7:37 am
NPN version of the circuit with Sweet Thing Tone control on the end. Listen to the sound - it has the typical germanium sound.

Aron Nelson Shaka "Prism" -experimental model 3/1/101 7:39 am
The original Shaka Braddah pedal, modified for the year 2000! The front end is basically the same except for red LEDs and FET clippers. After that, it's on to the single FET stage with adjustable bias and a simplified tone control.

Aron Nelson Cabinet Simulators 3/1/101 7:48 am
AMZ Cab. Simulator
Marshall Cab. Simulator

Both clean, then with Sweet Thing.

Aron Nelson Booster 2.5 3/1/101 8:10 am
Yamaha Pacifica->Booster 2.5->Fender Bassman