Aron Nelson Tonebender Professional Mark II 3/1/101 7:37 am
NPN version of the circuit with Sweet Thing Tone control on the end. Listen to the sound - it has the typical germanium sound.

Aron Nelson Son of Screamer 3/1/101 7:31 am
Jack Orman's Son of Screamer.

Charvel->SOS->Morley JD-10

Aron Nelson Differential Distortion 3/1/101 7:29 am
Charvel->Differential distortion->JD-10.

Aron Nelson Fat Gnat 2/28/101 10:53 pm
Jack Orman's Fat Gnat - direct and through amp.

Aron Nelson HOT FUZZ 2/28/101 10:51 pm
A modified Tone Bender Mark II professional with Sweet Thing Tone control on end.

Aron Nelson Sweet Thing 2/28/101 10:46 pm
Doug Hammond's Sweet Thing.

Yamaha Pacifica->Booster 2.5->Fender Bassman

The Sweet Thing is a Booster 2.5 with Doug Hammond's mods.

Aron Nelson Jumbo Tone Bender 2/28/101 10:44 pm
Older sample of the Jumbo Tone Bender - similar to the Big Muff.