Aron Nelson Booster+ 3/2/101 7:37 pm
Old, sample of 2 Mini-Booster circuit. This is before the Booster 2.5 mods which fix the bass and other drive characteristics.

Aron Nelson Bobtavia 3/2/101 7:28 pm
Bob Starr Octavia - AKA Bobtavia

Pacifica->distortion pedal->Bobtavia

Short and long samples

Aron Nelson Insanity Pedal 3/1/101 8:54 am
The configuration: Yamaha Pacifica->Insanity Box->Line 6 POD (Fender Black Face setting)->G3. The Insanity Box combines the best elements of diodes to ground, CMOS, and FET clipping in one box. The gain/distortion is enormous and so is the sustain.
Unfortunately this is a very difficult build. :-(

Aron Nelson Lava Rim 2 3/1/101 8:35 am
An old favorite revisited. This is a very good, simple Fuzz Face/Bosstone/Overdrive variant that works well with cheap 2N3904 or practically any cheap silicon (Si) transistors. If you like, you can use germanium transistors (NPN) or mix the 2. I think this pedal sounds really good, is easy to make and uses cheap, easy -to-find parts. My MP3 samples show how versatile this circuit is and how good it sounds.

Aron Nelson Booster 2.5 3/1/101 8:10 am
Yamaha Pacifica->Booster 2.5->Fender Bassman

Aron Nelson Cabinet Simulators 3/1/101 7:48 am
AMZ Cab. Simulator
Marshall Cab. Simulator

Both clean, then with Sweet Thing.

Aron Nelson Shaka "Prism" -experimental model 3/1/101 7:39 am
The original Shaka Braddah pedal, modified for the year 2000! The front end is basically the same except for red LEDs and FET clippers. After that, it's on to the single FET stage with adjustable bias and a simplified tone control.