Joe Gagan Proco RAT [flat LED model} 7/18/2003 7:57 PM
80s RAT [ LED light shines from the letter 'A' under face ]
Guitar is '80s Tokai Tele , lead pickup
Amp is 1959 Airline w 2 12"s and 2 6L6s. The amp has been in our family for 29 years.
No pedal during singing.
Guitar player:
Tiger Gagan, one take solo, live with rhythm track on 7 16 03

Joe Gagan More Brontoboosting 4/14/2003 10:22 AM
More Sounds from the NVN lab
The usual suspects [ see below]
Brontoboost,Doubleneck, Vibrolux .
Actual music excerpts from the Joe Gagan Audiobook " Better Than Coffee, 100 Great Ways To Drive Awake"
Copyright 2003

Joe Gagan Dinosaur Fuzz and Skyripper 1/29/2002 8:34 AM
Dinosaur fuzz into a 68 twin using my doubleneck on the S. Duncan Broadcaster lead Pickup. Samples with wah ,stock Crybaby.Reverb added at the board. Mic shure sm58.
All samples were done without changing any settings during the track except the guitar volume knob,, to show the amount of cleaning up availiable from the Dino. Tone control and pregain were altered slightly between samples.

Yanu--sample is part of a song by my friend, Yanu. Song credits:
Producer;Bass: Jon Gagan -Acoustic guitar, vocals,songwriter :Yanu- Elec guitar: Joe Gagan
Solo tone/power chords:Dino fzz into Skyrippr into VoxAC15.
---Bonus -
Track 01 is a long set of samples made with the skyripper and other boosts / fuzzes in the expression loop. notes:
0:00 - 0:40 Skyripper fuzz alone.
0:41 Skyrippper frequency generator 2:02 envelope - ish gulpy tone 2:56 more of the same 3:00 helicopter 3:56 li'l birdies 4:38 swell function l-o-n-g swell 5:14 coolgrooves 6:43 aggresive groove W/ lower octave [note how a clear guitar sound coexists with the noise] 7:49 Fuzz autowah like vocal-ish effect 8:05 lower ripping noise W/ clear guitar on top 13:30 whistling 15:01 guitar comes back W/motorboating 15:30 heavy fuzz, 'dark' riff

F Peľa Small Stone 12/12/2001 11:57 PM
Home made Small Stone. Recorded from Amp's line out. At higher speeds the clicks can be heard, I'm working on that.
The sample contains a couple of different settings, including pickup, speed and color switch changes.

F Peľa Home made Big Muff 12/1/2001 4:35 PM
Samples recorded from line out of Marshall VS100R. There's a little bit of reverb from the amp.

Joe Gagan Skyripper 11/22/2001 8:34 PM
Just a simple backing track and some ZZtopish noodling by Larry Otis. Amp used was a SF Vibrolux miked with an AKG C2000. Guitar was G&L SemiHollow Z-3.

Joe Gagan "Brontoboost" by Nine Volt Nirvana 9/28/2001 6:04 PM
Joe Gagan recorded 3 25 03

Guitar - custom doubleneck - Fenderish - Seymour Duncan Broadcaster lead, Vanzant blues model Strat neck pickup.
Amp - stock 81 Vibrolux
Two mikes - SM57 up close and a Neumann [ don't know what type] room mike
slight verb at board.
All changes within each clip were done from the guitar volume. performance /settings notes:
0:00 to 31 -one-stage mode, set to treble boost
0:31 to 42 -one-stage mode, tone control set to 'fat'
0:43 to 01:03 -two -stage mode hot
1:04 to 1:27 -same as above-[ hey- I liked it! ]
1:28 to 1:41 two stage mode set to Larry K setting, nice rhythm tone.First boost stage set low.