Shaka 3 Aron Nelson 2/21/101 0:31 am
sb3AMP.mp3 - Shaka 3 through amp (Bassman 2x12 Celestion Greenback)

Big Muff Samples Aron Nelson 2/21/101 0:23 am
The Big Muff. One sample with a 100K resistor from base to ground on the 3rd stage. The other sample without the 100K resistor from base to ground.
Finally the circuit without the 100K on a sustained note.

Shaka Express Samples Aron Nelson 2/21/101 0:14 am
Two samples of the Shaka Express Overdrive Pedal. One direct through the Marshall Simulator, the other through an amp.

The amp was a 1964 Bassman into 2X12 Celestion Greenback cabinet.

Camacho Amp Samples Aron Nelson 2/20/101 8:30 pm
CamachoLead.mp3 is the Camacho lead channel.
CamachoNormal.mp3 is the Camacho "normal" channel.

The lead channel was set with vol 1 on 7, vol2 on 7 and master on 3.
The normal channel was set at 10 - full up.

The level was actually not very loud - it was going through the excellent WeberVST MASS system attenuator.

The guitar was a Pacifica 812w with Kinman pickups and Super Distortion in the bridge position.

Yes, high gain (that's how I felt ! :-), but next samples will be lower gain and probably use my 335 Ibanez Artist.

Guitar straight into the amp - recorded with mini-disc with cheapo tiny mic about 4 feet away from amp.

Shaka Express clone sample Aron Nelson 2/20/101 3:09 am
Pat Moss built one of the early Shaka Prototypes, here is a sample of his clone. MP3 Format. Recorded direct into computer then later run through the Marshall Sim. circuit. - notes tboy 2/21/101 0:20 am
A few notes on how this thing works