Oskar Bruil Tubedriver Joe Gagan 3/11/2001 3:52 PM
A somewhat modified tube driver. It's basically a 12vac tubedriver with the tone stack replaced by a 0.1uf coupling cap. Much grind and grit in the low notes. Recorded with an epi sg neck humbucker, tone all the way back and the pedal drive at 1/5, so the ic overdrive hasn't kicked in yet. Instant cream! (ok it doesn't sound like a 100watt plexi on 10 or anything, but still a damn nice stompbox!).

ProCo RAT Aron Nelson 3/2/101 8:20 pm
My original Big Box RAT

Shaka HV Aron Nelson 3/2/101 8:12 pm
HV30 samples are at 30 volts, the rest are 18 volts.

Black Cat Overdrive Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:59 pm
AKA Freddy Fuzz

Tech 21 XXL Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:56 pm

Voodoo Lab Overdrive Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:56 pm
Old sample

Tycobrahe Octavia Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:50 pm
Another sample of the Tycobrahe - sonic mayhem....

Orange Sunshine Fuzz Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:47 pm
The Orange Sunshine Fuzz - nasty, nasty Si distortion - oh my.

Mini-Boogee Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:46 pm
The famous Mini-Boogee 2 tube overdrive.

Colorsound Overdriver Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:45 pm
hmmm.... now that I hear it again, Si distortion! :-)

MS-1 Prototype Aron Nelson 3/2/101 7:43 pm
Experimental never released Jack Orman pedal.

Combines attributes of several popular pedals in one design.

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